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Soothing Bed - Anti-Anxiety Beds For Dogs

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Soothing Bed - Anti-Anxiety Beds For Dogs



MEASUREMENT : Kindly refer to the "Size Chart" images below for product sizes, be sure to measure your dogs' sizes (height & length) in order to match the bed inside measurement. If you are still in doubt, simply order the next size up. 
Note: Display product images are just for reference, and do not represent the actual sizes needed for your dog. 
ANTI-ANXIETY:  Donut style design comes with a lot of advantages. First, since it comes with all around headrest, they will have a place to rest their heads while sleeping and that can help reducing the anxiety. Headrest area helps to correct posture of your dog and soft form to minimize muscle or joint pain.
FEELING SAFE : Dogs that love to sleep in a curled-up position will feel safe, secure, relaxing in it from various circumstances like thunderstorms, loneliness, separation and so on. Faux fur materials reduces anxiety and stress. 
TRENDY: Stylish product design with most complete & different colors selection for your choices to match into your home. 
DURABLE & HYGIENE : Made from anti-bacterial faux fur cover and durable nylon, this bed is very successful at resisting odor. This will create a comfortable and hygienic place for your dog.
WASHABLE: Soothing Bed - Anti-Anxiety Beds For Dogs is machine washable and dryer friendly when necessary. 
Note: Soothing Bed - Anti-Anxiety Beds For Dogs is required to be dried up immediately after washing to avoid matting fur.

14 DAY RETURN POLICY: If you do not happy about our product, please refer to our return policy for refund & return procedures.

STANDARD LEAD TIME:  Although we try to process the orders as quickly as possible, but due to high demand of order, our standard lead time is 15 to 30 days* to reach your door steps. Please also take into consideration that delivery times may still differ and vary based on customs processing times in your countries. 

BUY IN BULK : If you wish to buy in bulk (More than 5), send us an email jay@sloppylab.com, we will have special pricing for you. 

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sloppylab Bed & Mattress Anti-Anxiety Fluffy Dog Beds/Cat Beds in Donut Shape To Ease Your Dogs Anxiety

sloppylab Bed & Mattress Anti-Anxiety Fluffy Dog Beds/Cat Beds in Donut Shape To Ease Your Dogs Anxiety