Reptile Landscaping Heating Rock with Constant Temperature

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Bullet Points:
1、Practical for Use: This is a stone that is heated by the sun and is suitable for all kinds of reptiles, including some nightlife species, which are used as heat transducers to regulate body temperature, which is very important for metabolism and digestion.
2、Automatic Constant Temperature: When the surface of the heat wave reaches an automatic constant temperature of about 32-40 degrees, it will automatically thermostat, and the overheat protection will automatically cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
3、Natural and Realistic: The appearance is natural and realistic, and it can be used for landscape viewing.
4、Washable and Easy to Clean: This special heat transfer resin is water resistant and easy to clean.
5、Material Safety: Non-toxic resin, which conducts heat more evenly.

Material: Resin
Size (approx.): (18*12*3CM 6W)/(20*15*3CM 12W)/(30*18*3CM 24W), 1CM=0.39IN

Power: 6W/12W/24W

Packing: boxes

Packing List: 1*heating stone

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